In Kayx

KAYX is CRC certified, and all of our products are pas Yisroel and yoshon.

No. KAYX prides itself on using premium, fresh ingredients, starting from scratch to construct one-of-a-kind flavor experiences.
Plated deserts are smaller versions of our popular cakes. These are pre-sliced, making them ideal for staging and serving at catered events.
At this time, none of our KAYX products are gluten free. We may be able to customize some orders by request, but note that our equipment all processes gluten and cross-contamination is a danger if you have a severe allergy.
Some KAYX products include ingredients costumers may be allergic to, including tree nut, peanuts, and fruit. Please contact us before ordering if you have health concerns and we can steer you toward the appropriate desserts. Custom versions of select cakes are also available if an ingredient is a superficial one, such as a nut garnish.


Yes, we deliver to zip codes in Lakewood, the Five Towns, Brooklyn, Monsey, and Monroe. We also deliver to some zip codes in Upstate New York during July & August.

Reach out to see if we deliver to your area.

Yes, though the fee differs by location.

  • Lakewood $15.00
  • Brooklyn $15.00
  • Monsey $8.00 Upcharge $15.00
  • Monroe $15.00
  • Upstate $35.00
  • Five Towns $85.00

Yes, depending on when an order is received and where delivery is needed.

  • Lakewood¬†10:00 AM For SAME DAY PM Deliveries
  • Brooklyn 10:00 AM For SAME DAY PM Deliveries
  • Monsey 4 Hr. Lead Time
  • Monroe 10:00 AM For SAME DAY PM Deliveries
  • Upstate Thur. 4:00 P.M.
  • Five Towns 10:00 AM For SAME DAY PM Deliveries
We do not deliver to Lakewood on Fridays, or the Five Towns on Sundays or Fridays. We ONLY deliver Upstate on Fridays.
  • Mon. – Thur.: 10-6
  • Sun.: 11-4
  • Fri.:
    • Summer/10-2
    • Winter/10-1
We use Ground shipping for tristate orders. For all other orders, overnight is preferred with a max of 2-day shipping (varies on season).

Gifts & Special Occasions

Every KAYX order is beautifully packaged in our unique gift boxes. Even if it is “just” for you; we think you deserve a lavish presentation as much as the next person!
Yes. KAYX gift cards are available and can be included in gift orders and packaging.
Yes. KAYX can work with you to create any size and volume gift you need, for any occasion, in all settings, including and especially corporate environments.
Yes. We consider it an honor when you include us in your celebration. Our bakery can handle large luxury orders, making weddings, bar mitzvahs, graduations, sheva brachos, and other events memorably sweet.