Our Story

Behold any Kayx creation, and you’ll know.

It tells its own story. The presentation speaks of uber-sophistication. The aroma says fresh-as-can-be. The texture proclaims moist-and-light. And the taste. Ah, the taste! You may never have had anything quite like it. Sublime.

The rise of kayx

  • 2002: The best recipes are born at home

    If you were lucky enough to get invited to the Spitzes’ Rockland County home for a meal, you knew to leave room for dessert. Delectable pastries would magically appear and Raizy would urge you to try her latest culinary creations.

  • 2003: Demand Plows ahead

    Friends begged Raizy to bake for their celebrations. With her husband Harvey helping on the technical end, she agreed. One, another, and then orders were streaming in. A bemused Raizy went along for the ride.

  • 2007: Putting the brakes on a boooming business

    Absurd, their customers grumbled. Why would the Spitzes close shop? Several years down the line, all agreed that the wait was worthwhile.

  • 2013: Grand Re-opening of Kayx

    CNN did not cover this story, but you’d think they had. Within days, orders from distant locales poured in. Alaska. Greece. Mexico. News traveled fast; everyone wanted a taste of KAYX.

  • 2017: Full speed growth

    With spacious workstations for dairy, non-dairy, packaging and gifting in a gleaming 5,000 SF commercial facility, KAYX is all set to keep rising.

Kayx by number


of the Kayx production line is automated. We prefer skilled handiwork that allows bakers the flexibility to focus on flavor and presentation without the limitations of machines.


premium ingredients are sourced weekly from select orchards, farms and mills. Whole nuts. Zesty fruits. Fresh eggs. Feathery flour.


hours. During high-demand seasons, we work in shifts round the clock.


and counting. Cupcakes still win the popularity contest!

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